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Xian Attractions

In Chinese history, Xian is the capital city for 13 feudal dynasties. The first centralized feudal dynasty, Qin Dynasty(221 BC-207BC) set capital in Xianyang City, the city nearby Xian where the Xian airport locates today. The following powerful dynasties like the West Han Dynasty (202BC-8AD) and the Tang Dynasty (618AD-906AD) set their capitals in Xian (Known as Chang’an then). The glorious past …

Things to Do in Xian

Xian Local Food

Xian Weather

Xi’an locates at warm temperate zone with semi-humid continental monsoon climate. The different four seasons have totally distinct appearance in a year. Summer is hot and wet with much rain, winter is cold and dry with less rain or snow, while spring and autumn is warm but likely to have continuous rainy days.

Xian Transportation

As the important transportation hub of northwestern China, Xian is easily accessible. By now there are three port in Xian for inter-city transportation: Xian Xianyang International Airport for domestic and international flight, North Xian Railway Station for bullet train, and Xian Railway Station for common speed train.

Xian Shopping

Experiencing local shopping is an excellent way to spend the free time after the planned tour activities. In downtown Xian there are quite a few ideal shopping places to go. No matter you want to buy in luxury shopping mall or buy something from roadside you can easily find a place to spend shopping time.

Good Places to Spend Night Time in Xian

As the capital city of 13 feudal dynasties and kingdoms, Xian has many historical sites and numerous relics. Some attractions in Xian treat tourists with different beauty in day times and night times. When night falls, the following places will be endowed with thicker Chinese taste. The colorful bright lights lit the night and buildings. The exciting night tour begins with night approaching.

Xian Travel Tips

Getting some information about Xian before the tour starts will help tourists save some problem and troubles when working out the itinerary draft. The Xian Travel Tips offered by China Xian Tour covers entrance cost of major attractions in Xian, recommended itinerary for independent travelers, 72 hours visa free transfer and suggestions for Xian tour planning.

Top 6 Attractions in Xian

Though Xi’an has tens of place of interest worthy of visiting. The limited time allows tourists stay in Xi’an usually only for 1-3 days. Then which ones could be listed as the must-sees in your itinerary? We collected the top 6 attractions for your reference.

Other Information helpful to Xian tour

This part is our explanation of some most asked questions. If you are interested in some "strange thing" about Xian, please let us know by CONTACT US then your questions and our answer will appear in this part soon.

Highlight Attractions Nearby Xian

In downtown Xian one could see the most attractive attractions of Xi’an. While some tourists are tired of tour easy attractions which are fixedly arranged in each place. Going further one will see the more authentic side of local life, costume and folk culture.

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