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Password-and-Charge Free WIFI in Downtown Xian

Password-and-Charge Free WIFI in Downtown Xian To most international tourist, having WIFI during their travel period is of much importance since the international call is much expensive.  For international tourists who contact with Chinese travel company via email, having WIFI is of more importance because they may need to contact the travel company at time during the touring day. Due to the absence of WIFI, they can only email their travel consultant when back to hotel.

To match the tourism development, local government, community, and some companies in central Xian offer password and charge free WIFI to public. With these WIFI you could send email and sharing your tour on mobile at any time. China Xian Tour listed these WIFI accounts here for tourists convenience. Hope they can help when you need.  

Kind remind from China Xian Tour: Some illegal WIFI may have the similar name with the ones we recommend below. Please re-check the WIFI name before you use it to name sure they are legal and safe. 

WIFI of Xian Xianyang International Airport: Xian Airport Free 

Lots of tourists arrive and depart Xian from Airport. On the departing day they usually arrive at airport 1.5-2 hours before the flight departing time. Sending a feedback email to travel company you use you just killing time by internet surfing when you wait for the flight. 1. WIFI of Xian Xianyang International Airport Shuttle Bus: 18wifi 

In many spots in downtown Xian there are airport shuttle buses. As long your hotel is lose to the shuttle bus station, taking a shuttle bus will save you at least CNY100 per way transfer. And the driving time usually last about 1 hour. Having WIFI your driving time will be less boring. 

WIFI of Xian Train Station: wifixian-火车站  

That one can be difficult for tourists who knows no Chinese

WIFI of Muslim Quarter: Huifang_FreeWIFI 

Muslim Quarter is the most famous food street in Xian and the must-see place for most of tourists.  

WIFI of North Street and West Street: lx9-Free-Xian 

For tourists who take a walk to visit Xian on their own, North Street and West Street are the often-go places. They are good location to do shopping and see modern Xian. 

WIFI of Qujiang Pool: QJtravel 

If you stay in hotel nearby Big Wild Goose Pagoda, taking a walk on bank of Qujiang Pool in summer days will be a nice experience. 

WIFI of Xiaozhai Shopping Area: i-YANTA 

Xiaozhai is a best-known shopping place in Xian. From roadside markets to large shopping mall you can experience different shopping here. And the several food cities will satisfy your taste buds with various food.   

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