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Are you planning a budget Xian tour? Just please try a small group bus tour. Join in Xian group tours or bus tours, you will travel together with other two or three tourists on the same tour group, o the tour will cost comparatively lower than private ones and be more sociable. We offer daily Xian small group tours, covering the top attractions in Xian such as Terra-cotta Warriors, Banpo Museum, Xian Ancient City Wall, Big Goose Pagoda, The Bell Tower, and Shaanxi Provincial History Museum.

Half-Day Terra-cotta Warriors Bus Tour

Pick up and drop off at downtown Xian hotel to spend half day to visit Terracotta Warriors and Horses with other tourists in a small group.

$50+ view detail

1 Day Terra-cotta Warriors and Banpo Museum Bus Tour

Doing the one day small group tour to visit large scale sacrificial pit of Emperor Qin Shihuang - Terracotta Warriors and Horses and the habitat ruins left by primitive in Neolithic Age.

$50+ view detail

1 Day Xian Classic City Bus Tour

Join in the small group to visit highlight attractions in downtown city area to find the hidden facts of the ancient city. Treating eyes with beautiful scenery and exquisite cultural relics and treating your stomach with local snacks in Muslim Quarter.

$80+ view detail

1 Day Terra-cotta Army & City Wall Bus Tour

Join in a small group to see basic facts of the Eighth World Wonder and the best preserved ancient military defensive system in China. Visiting the two attractions that most worthy of visiting with lowest reasonable cost.

$55+ view detail

1 Day Terracotta Warriors, Huaqing Pool, Tang Dynasty Show Bus Tour

The one days Xian group tour includes all three highlight attractions in east skirt of Xian: Banpo Neolithic Village, Huaqing Hot Spring, Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses. And in the evening, you will do the most participated night activity: Dumpling Dinner and Tang Dynasty Show.

$120+ view detail

1 Day Terracotta Warriors, Banpo Museum, Huaqing Pool Bus Tour

Doing this one day bus tour you will witness the World 8th Wonder, will learn about how ancient people led their life in 6000 years ago, will visit the imperial hot spring bathing spot and learn about the moving love story between the Emperor Xuanzong and his consort Lady Yang.

$92+ view detail

1 Day Terracotta Warriors & Hanyangling Museum Bus Tour

Our tour guide and driver will pick you up from your hotel at 08:00-09:00. Today you will visit mausoleums of the two great emperors in Chinese history: Emperor Qin Shi Huang, the founder of the Qin Dynasty and the Emperor Jingdi, the 4th emperor of the Han Dynasty

$100+ view detail

One Day Mt. Huashan Small Group Tour

Mt. Huashan is the dreaming destination for quite some tourists, especially for young ones. China Xian Tour recommend this small group tour to Mt. Huashan to make it possible for tourists to visit the mountain with lower cost.

$135+ view detail

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