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If you have very limited time in Xian, one day Xian tour packages will be the tour choices for you. In spite of only one day time, there are plentiful options for your reference. You can travel alone and also you could have your friends with you. You can set your own pace with your private car or van. You can ask any questions about the tourist attractions and your personal guide will answer all your special question.

Best Xian Day Tour

The best Xian day tour package includes visit to Terracotta Warriors and Horses in the morning. In the afternoon you could decide which tourist attractions to visit in downtown Xian. Lower tour cost and more flexible tour arrangement.

$23+ view detail

Xian Highlight Day Tour

Taking this tour to visit Terracotta Warriors and Horses, City Wall, and to explore Muslim Quarter, the most famous food street in Xian.

$55+ view detail

Xian Essence Day Tour

Xian Essence Day private day tour includes Terracotta Warriors and Horses, the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, and Bell and Drum Tower Square. And you will find lots of local food in Muslim Quarter.

$58+ view detail

Xian Mt Huashan Adventure Day Tour

Mt. Huashan adventure day tour from Xian with your private tour guide and driver leads you to visit Mt. Huashan which attracts numerous people each year. The Mt. Huashan is famous for breath-taking natural scenery, steep and narrow paths, and precipitous cliffs...

$85+ view detail

Xian Downtown and Muslim Quarter Food Tour

Our evening tour starts from 17:00 and ends at about 21:00. You will be guided by our private guide and driver. The tour is all about night views, local food and drinks. You will experience the real local night life and taste the most authentic local food.

$18+ view detail

Xian Tang Dynasty Show & Dumpling Dinner Tour

Dumpling is among the favorite main foods in Northern China. The dumplings in various delicate shapes and delicious fillings surprised lots of eaters. And the Tang Dynasty show after the dinner treats audience with elegant imperial music of the Tang Dynasty.

$45+ view detail

Xian City Day Tour

The Xian city tour includes the most famous attractions in downtown Xian: Shaanxi history Museum, Ancient City Wall, Great Mosque, Bell and Drum Tower Square, and the Muslim Quarter.

$40+ view detail

XianTerra-cotta Army and Hanyangling Museum Day Tour

Visiting Hanyangling Mausoleum and Terracotta Warriors and Horses on the same day to see the difference in sacrifices for the two great governors in different dynasties: Emperor Jingdi in the Han Dynasty and the First Qin Emperor in the Qin Dynasty.

$68+ view detail

Xian Music Fountain Night Show Tour

Music fountain show on North Square of Big Wild Goose Pagoda contributes much to the nice night view of Qujiang District. And at night with music fountain show as background, Big Wild Goose Pagoda seems more attractive than in day time.

$18+ view detail

Famen Temple and Hanyangling Museum Day Tour (Hotel Pickup & Drop off)

Spending a whole day to west of Xian to visit the mausoleum of the 4th Emperor in the Han Dynasty and the sacred Buddhist place Famen Temple where the figure relic of Master Sakyamuni.

$60+ view detail

Xian Panda Day Tour

Going to Louguantai Wild Animals Rescuing and Raising Research Center in Zhouzhi County to visit the lovely pandas, the golden monkeys and many other kinds of animals living in nature. You will find the most lovely facts of these creatures.

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Xian Qianling Mausoleum and Famen Temple Day Tour

Spending a whole day to west of Xian to visit the mausoleum of the only female emperor in Chinese history and the sacred Buddhist place Famen Temple where the figure relic of Master Sakyamuni.

$68+ view detail

Old Xian City Day Tour

Want to know how the primitive people fought to service and basic fact of their daily life? Interested in the amusement of royal family in the Tang Dynasty and story of Emperor Xuanzong and Lady Yang? This tour package may satisfy you.

$73+ view detail

Xian Classic Day Tour

Doing the tour to learn about how primitive people survived on bank of Bahe River, to make it clear why Terracotta Warriors and Horse is honored as the Eighth World Wonder, and to see how the City Wall functioned as military defensive system in ancient time.

$60+ view detail

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